Wandering in Dalat (pt1) – My guessing game

Wandering in Dalat, I have a hobby that is to guess who talked to her Is not original residents of Dalat. “Original” is here understood as if not born, they grow, and at least there four or five decades size. With this game, I was the guy who “invincible”, at least until now, when I had just become residents of Da Lat last year, according to the kind the style “Leave for fun, back for peace”.

Dalat is no stranger to me. Before 75 years, I had cotton wool in it, just a story but a bullet for amusement only in Saigon mostly school.

How does Dalat childhood? Listen to people talking about Dalat Dalat homeland so they stress: “… The line slope with him tomorrow, or daisy kneeling, French roofs, the softly spoken, cafes sit to watch rather let others watch … As a child, Dalat with me is something hazy, mysterious and … cold. Then five years later, in my Dalat bring a clearer appearance. And love it. .. There were afternoons sat reading beside a lake, suddenly starts to wonder, whether 50 or 100 years, Da Lat will change how … “

Dalat people talk about their personality this way: “… gentle, friendly, hospitable, soft, gentle, romantic, …” On hearing that was! Self coal (breathing), it is, but so is a bit narcissist … period. Fishman! For me, the emotional perspective and bias, I see they say that there’s nothing … order.

In December that year, it’s cold. I Accommodation in a hotel near Xuan Huong Lake. No sleep, I walk along the lakeshore. Outside it’s cold and windy than I thought. Missed nearly kilometer away, probably not return … Someone in the lakeside fire, near the water plant (first Dinh Tien Hoang Street). I look at heating shelves. That car sold dried beef salad, local residents called to shape to shape. “Mobile shop” only chairs without desks. Sellers were also cold, heating fires. I ordered a beef dish and half xị dry wine, and was the only guest at the time.

As of late, more and more cold, more wood bunches seller … A girl draped in fur, from across the street crossing, sitting on heating. Looking stylish makeup, I guess she is nightwalker. Ế of crushing! Guests no longer eat, let alone what visitors buy flowers … She turned to me to talk jerkily. I invited her to a glass of wine. I know she does not expect anything in dusty guy like me, sit roadside, drink soles (12,000 VND), dried beef targeted (5,000 VND / plate), totaling $ 0.5 size, it is done money that goes … “confide”.
Dark corners of a city full of light is like. Horrible cold that night. The misery of the society, there is no one like yet. To look at the dark corner can see the true face of society. Old prostitute can pocket their clients with many tips, but they behave “legitimacy” and at the bottom of the society. And what else are people born prostitute honor, xun xoe, cigarettes spots., But they are more than capable to do both several generations perish like play. Speaking again more sad …

Back then segment lakeshore, the afternoon had sold vehicles to shape to shape swooping to sell. Guests sit lakeside bench, or eat standing. I once met her twenties, carrying briefcases, cycling accessories to sell her. A conversation, the girl said: “I studied telecommunications at the University of Dalat. This time women crowded up to the mother”. Beef dry barrel on yen after motorcycle or bicycle, police vehicles arrived, buzzing fall run. I’ve seen people walk away like that, leaving behind plate, chopsticks, plastic chairs, … Hotels brand love, stand back waiting for them to come back, pay, otherwise considered lost. But police apparently did not want to catch. Police cars chasing every loose. In front of the alarm, the car, the pannier run and into the alley … But these days, no longer see the car to shape to shape peddling in another lake. Police do make tough already.

Dalat is a young city, only hundred years. People settled here mainly from Central and Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, … They are hired as roads and construction. Later on northerners to grow vegetables, flowers, and also to establish the business Hue. 54 wave of migration has been accompanied by thousands of people arrive in Dalat reclaiming established hamlets. Dalat people from all over the country, bringing with particular cultural, but food is the most visible. I know not biased or not, but eat bun bo Hue, Quang noodles in Dalat found tastier in Quang Hue or more. Spicy shredded throat, tears still see fine.

The Square, Hue, North, … live in Dalat fades away identities of their own regions. The reclamation bring them closer together careless roots, the more nostalgic countryside, and mountains, rivers, climate and the tranquility of nature has turned them into people … Dalat: rustic and welcoming, hospitality damages the Southern style, but quietly, not noisy.

One Sunday morning, I sat drinking coffee in Ba Trieu street corner. Two old people, she helped him slowly into the restaurant. He wore a vest, hat casket, holding French newspaper. She wore a long coat, jacket cloak, holding a prayer book, a ballpark they just go to church Chicken. He looks out of shape Western officials. She designs noble, light makeup. She referred glass of milk for his coffee, and hot tea for her, then quietly took the pills from blister: “He pills go”. “Never drink!” old man scowled, his eyes not leaving the paper. Moments later, she again pushed the glass towards him, softly: “You drink it, until now taking it.” “Do not drink!”, Eyes still glued to the newspaper. She looked around for somewhere. Moments later his hand close to the drug: “He drank away, lest he again coughed up.” This time he held the pills to hurry on as repay mouth existence, grumbled: “I told you not to drink now but every drink, every drink …” She quietly pouring tea for him, his eyes and mouth contented pm . On two “monkey old” do … nũng, see Dalat earth suddenly reconciled, money want billions in monetary hell, flat or curved world is becoming meaningless.

Someone at Dalat ploy vassal, but people Dalat (Original) apparently do not have the blood, and they did not want to view. They love life hitched with grassy earth. I have acquaintances in Dalat as bank officials, squeezed poor, welcome early retirement, electronic repair dragging and satisfied with the job this xình collapsed. Last week at karaoke together. British Sea Me singing, holding a microphone stand as well as singer performing secondary damage. He sang crappy, but his expression earnest as if transported to the jungle sea. Electronic Jury him 100 points. Make this karaoke machine readable human mood? The wife sat and “blood” no less, playing tonight who sent me back. Do not know what they are hiding together through music lyrics or not, but new that morning, Da Lat Market, also saw his arms with her hands, head tilted back together, look them “village” with several spreads . A “village” very loving … Dalat.

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