Ultimate Hawaii Snorkel Guide (Infographic)

Every year, millions of tourists and travelers journey to Hawaii — one of the top tropical paradises in the world and is known as the Surfing Mecca for those invested in the sport. The brilliant blue skies, salty breeze of the ocean and lush green mountain peaks offer tons of activities and sceneries for just about anyone., no matter what things interest them the most.

As a tropical paradise and an archipelago full of potential, Hawaii has some of the best places for any water-related activity or sport you can think of. And while it’s best known for its magnificent waves and surfing culture, one of the most anticipated and certainly participated activities in Hawaii is snorkeling. After all, the Hawaiian views don’t just stop above the surface of its crystal-clear waters — more wonders await everyone under the waves.

If you’re looking to enjoy a snorkeling adventure in Hawaii and some guidance on where to best go or what to do, check out this infographic by Go Hawaii Tours now!