Travelling in Luxury: Expensive Places to Travel

Traveling to luxurious places is a dream for many people. Not everyone wants to live on a budget. For the financially independent, there are several interesting places to visit. This list of expensive places from foreign lands is sure to provoke dreams of the sweeter side of life.

  1. Paris, France

Known as the city of love and romance, Paris, France, is the perfect place to find love or to spend time with a love interest. Some of the plentiful top sights to check out are the iconic Eiffel Tower, Pantheon and The Louvre. Paris is not only for lovers, it’s also a great place to bring kids. Disneyland Paris is a fun way to spend a day out with them. They may enjoy learning about French art at the Musee d’Orsay or playing at the spectacular Luxembourg Gardens. For those searching for a place to read, there are plenty of quiet areas to enjoy peace in Paris. The relaxing atmosphere of Folks and Sparrows offers vegetarian food, calming music, and delicious cheesecake. For letter writing in a delicate, flowery garden try the Jardin du Palais Royale. A peaceful walk through the La Coulee Verte features a lovely elevated garden. Bring a snack and enjoy the greenery and unique views of Paris.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in Japan with a population of over 13 million. Places to consider for a visit are the Ghibli Museum, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and the Sensoji Temple. Tokyo is also home to the world’s oldest and largest fish market, the Tsukiji Market. Although seafood isn’t for everyone, it may be worth the trip just to see the multitudes of seafood, almost 500 types. The market is known to be very busy and may be overstimulating for those with a sensitivity to crowds or a weak stomach for fish.

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

There are plenty of unique museums in Stockholm. For example, there’s the world’s first open-air museum in Skansen. Another interesting place called Fotografiska is filled up with contemporary photography. Other things to do in the city are taking a boat trip, reading a book at the National Library of Sweden or even go underground to see a ceiling with amazing art featuring piano keys at Kungstradgaden station. Some sports to participate in are kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago, ice skating in Vasaparken and cross-country skiing at the Hellasgarden recreation area. Besides this, Stockholm hosts sports facilities open all year round.

  1. Helsinki, Finland

Reasons to visit Helsinki, Finland abound. For the adventuress type, try visiting the Yrjonkatu swimming pool for the interesting Finnish tradition of naked swimming. Private dressing rooms and arched terraces for men and women were built at this private facility. The art nouveau collection is said to be a good way to get some culture here as few cities feature this rare art. The 18th century sea fortress called Suomenlinna has defensive walls, ages-old artillery and a nature area. See a restored 1930’s vessel at Submarine Vesikko. The area is made up of six linked islands.

  1. Oslo, Norway

According to, the UBS Prices and Earnings study since 2006 reported Oslo, Norway as the most expensive place to visit. Places of interest include the Oslo Opera House, the Viking Ship Museum and the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. The Oslo Pass will get visitors free admission into many museums and other hot spots which makes it a great investment in this wondrous sightseeing trip. Hotel rooms and even bottled water may be difficult to come by. If empty pockets become somewhat of a problem, a few free activities include hiking, tanning or attending the Oslo Kiteboarding School for a free one-hour lesson.

These are some of the most beautiful, expensive places in the world that represent the epitome of luxury and style. There’s plenty to do for anyone whether they enjoy restaurants, culture or just relaxing with a good book. No matter someone’s preference, visiting luxurious places is the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life.

Craig is the editor of The Lux Authority and loves to find the most extravagant versions of everything. When he’s not trying to find the most expensive watches available, Craig can be found on a boat or hiking a trail.