Incredibly Beautiful Places to Camp in Uttarakhand

Adorned by the charming Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand is one of the best places to camp in India. Rightly called “Dev Bhoomi” or the land of Gods, this Indian state is every camper’s delight. A camping experience in this lovely state bequeaths visitants with a little bit of everything; an unmissable magnitude of the presence of Gods, Shiva and Parvati especially beautifully merged with some British characteristics. Owing to the spiritually enlightening experiences, Uttarakhand has several backpackers from all over the world, with whom a conversation at a Maggi point or a bohemian cafe can turn out to be rather apprising.


If you have been travel planning to Uttarakhand for a while now, why not consider a blissful camping sojourn. TripHobo, an online vacation planner recommends you these five incredibly beautiful places to camp in Uttarakhand that will make you want to pack your bags and leave now!


Located some 78-odd kilometers from the state capital of Dehradun, Kanatal has been gaining popularity for its camps. This is a fitting option for those looking for places that facilitate camping in Uttarakhand with families. The camps here have something for everyone; couples can admire the starry night sky while the kids can engage in a host of activities like ziplining and fox flying facilitated by most of the camps. On the accommodation front, this tiny town has everything from Swiss to bamboo cottages, to befit every budget!


Photo Credit: Sahil Lodha

Officially declared as “The World Capital of Yoga”, Rishikesh is a lovely town to stay at and enjoy a multitude of adventure sports at various spots like Shivpuri just a little away from the happening side of the town – Laxman Jhula. Enjoy a lovely beach camping session on the white, powdery soft sands of the holy River Ganga, feel the adrenaline as you whitewater raft through the subtle yet just right currents or just embark on a hike in the mountains! Rishikesh will make sure you come back for more.


A patent even on the best of the best travel guide, Bhimtal summons tranquility and pristineness. Located within the proximity of one of India’s most popular hill station Nainital, Bhimtal draws camping enthusiasts with its natural beauty, heightened by the presence of the lake here. The geographical terrain here shares common characteristics with the beautiful countries of Tibet and Nepal. A camping experience here opens up opportunities for trekking, mountain biking, paragliding and some comforting ones like bonfire and barbeque dinners!


Photo Credit: Ajit Hota

If you are looking for a place barely touched by the human civilization, the quaint village of Chopta is where you should head. This village serves as the base camp for several treks like Deoriatal, Chandrashila and the Tungnath treks. If you hike further you will come across some glacial lakes that will make you contemplate if you are still on earth!


Popular for India’s oldest national park the Jim Corbett National Park, Corbett is perfect for those who have a thing for wildlife. Bird watching, elephants rides and safaris are what you can look forward to here!

If you have been longing for a break, this is it! Choose your pick, rest assured you are bound to have a soul-satisfying one.