How to Travel Well on a Budget

Finally, you are planning to visit your dream destination. You’ve collected all guidelines and hand notes but you became stuck on the budgets. It’s about your dream destination and you don’t want to compromise.Then, what to do?


This is like the most common query I receive in my emails. It says; “Hey, I really want to visit that location but the problem is; I don’t have enough money to support, what can I do?”

Since this is a common phenomenon, I used to remind that “Travelers don’t need to be rich to fulfill the dream”.

To me, there are options through which you can optimize your travel experience even if you are short on funds. Here are few tips to travel on a real budget.

Make “travel” your priority:

When I left home for my 3rd trip, I had only $16k to live for the whole year. I only have that amount for paying my taxes and loans. That was my ceiling capacity from an average administrative job.


Yet, I traveled from London to Paris. How? Because I made a promise to my grandma that no matter what happens, I will be there on her 95th birthday.

I made travel a priority so that I never could find ways to spend on other things which are less important. That’s what you have to do.

Throughout my journey, I didn’t purchase any gadget or didn’t go for shopping which could narrow my savings. I always focused on reaching the destination comfortably.

In family life I love things like, watching big bang movies, partying, dinners at clubs and collecting electronics devices as cameras& watches. But in travel time though I had enough space in regards to spending, I prioritized more on visiting my seniors.

Now, what is your real precedence? If it is travel, then why having sushi at launch which will waste the opportunity to touch your dream?

To plan a vacation always plan well in advance:

It’s probably my biggest advice. No matter in which task you are going to start, it’s very crucial to plan ahead. Trust me, it’s the best deal.


There are many benefits of a travel Itinerary. It makes the trip smoother and successful. When you are planning ahead, you won’t miss out on anything; why? Because it requires deep research, through which you might discover affordable ways to enjoy.

But actually how you can do that? When you are visiting different online booking resources for fare costs, you can set online trackers. Just input your email address and it’ll notify you when there will be discount offer. Thus, you easily can get the best deal on hotels accommodation or flight prices.

Always decide based on the important activities:

While on a budget tour, you can expect there are many exciting things to come and you have to choose based on importance. Staying in 5 stars hotels and eating nice dinner every night will look unrealistic especially when there is a monetary issue.

To me, I always book cheaper hotels. I believe hotels are the place where I can relax not staying hours after hours. I always have planned for sightseeing. So I never spend too much on staying which will narrow down my sightseeing adventures.

When I went to Austria for the first time, I slept on a porch of a hostel in Tyrol but I didn’t miss to visit the Peak of Salzkammergut Mountains. How could I miss the chance to visit the opening screen of “The Sound of Music”? I enjoyed the reflection of the water, mountains veiled by downy clouds and valleys sounded with bluish lakes. Thanks to Lily (my elder sister) who gave me a good set of binoculars as a surprise gift just before leaving home.

So whenever you get a chance, spend more on activities than on a nice dinner instead.

Be a master budgeter in everywhere:

It might sound like old schooling facts. No matter what we plan in our life we set an expectation limit. Whether it’s your year-round trip or hunting plan or camping for coming weekends, you should create a budget to fit your activities.


If you failed to set a realistic expectation, it’s guaranteed that you might overspend. Setting a realistic budget is not always mean to be cheap rates. It’s about enjoying the fullest within a boundary.

Track all your expenses:

Yes, you’ve heard it right. I keep track of every penny I spend on my trip. That’s why when I say everything, I literally mean “everything” starting from mobile airtime expenses to beers.

To you, it might sound irrelevant or too much. But trust me, when it will become your habit, you’ll understand it’s one of the best ways to keep things under control.


You don’t need to grow a third eyeball, seriously! The only reason I was able to start my first trip at my early grade was due to I used to do a budget every day. I kept track of all pennies. Thanks to that tiny habit which didn’t let my dream to fly out of the window with a glorious cry.

The good news is that now we have plenty of applications through which, you easily can keep track of all your spending activities. Try out few to see what fits better.

Take advantages of free zones:

Luxurious tour doesn’t need to be literally full of spending money.

Let put it like this; luxury is about how you are experiencing the destination with your activities. It’s about the sweet memories you are returning home with.


The destination might be expensive, but there are always free things to do. Wondering how to know them? Just Google it and certainly, you get some handsome lists.

Bellow is my favorite lists of free activities.

  1. Free walking tour to any spot.
  2. Exploring local zones, museums,and parks
  3. Cheap rent of bike for sightseeing the town
  4. Free outing or picnic spot to the countryside
  5. Free entry to national places
  6. Instead of paying for city view, find a rooftop and tall building to get the perfect view of the town.

Finally, between all those tricks, you should be able to complete the trip with very little money. After all recently, just before starting this writing, I have completed my 15th trip. It was a 7 days trip to Sweden just on 150$. So whether it is a trip for 15 days or a month you don’t need huge money to support.Since I could do it, you can do the same.

If you have any tips that help to travel well on a budget, share those in bellow.